o camiño empeza agora

Every day, every moment is a new beginning. We spend half a life trying to discover or preparing what will come next and the other half thinking about everything that has passed. Our past may offer the foundations and the future can inspire us. In spite of that, the here and now is the real moment, where we can construct and change our lives.

When we live in the present moment, we can have experiences of quality, being aware of them and charged with emotion. Emotion is what allow us to manage our present. With this idea we shaped this project. With this idea we started ‘o camiño empeza agora’. We value the emotion that each craftsman, each producer and each writer put in their creations.

We like people and we would like to offer them a close personal attention. This way, we believe in local businesses, because they offer a more personalized and warmer customer service. We stand for local shops because they generate more local wealth and contribute to the development of the local communities. New technologies allow us to present our products to the world. Anyone can buy what we have to offer and this relation always make us remember of our way of life.